Noisy ThrowersEdit

Argopelters like to throw stuff at humans.  They throw fruit, bark, twigs, branches, leaves, pinecones, acorns, and other stuff they can find.  They hide in trees and wait until an unwary visitor comes under, then the throwing begins.  Some people say they are just squirrels having fun.  

Look out!

They hide in tree hollows.  They really hate lumberjacks, and will do anything to bug them.  

Queer Squirrels Edit

Argopelters aren't just squirrels.  They can be apes.  They have long, slender arms which they use to throw stuff.  They have long legs too, and they use them for leaping tree to tree.  Many people have claimed to see them.  Imagine,  A mango or lemon flying at you, then-BONK!