Dracula was made and created by Bram Stoker, who also made the story The Judge's House.

King DraculaEdit

Bram Stoker copied Dracula from a mean, cruel king.  The king wasn't a vampire, and didn't suck blood.  But thousands of people believed that King Dracula was a vampire.  But Bram told everyone to not get hyper, and King Dracula wasn't an actual vampire.  Dracula's castle is on display and people can take tours and look around.  Looking inside could send shivers up your spine, by wondering about all the people who passed away by King Dracula.

Blood SuckersEdit

Vampires have come from mythes all around the world-such as the famous story Mercy Brown, The Last American Vampire.  Dracula has a very funny accent.  He also sleeps in a cool hand-built coffin.  You'd stay up all night in a coffin because of brown rats and dust!  

Dracula's full name is Count Dracula.