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The Thing 2011.

The Thing is a movie about an alien that can shapeshift into the form of people. 

The Thing (1982) facts:Edit

  • The Thing (1982) was dericted by John Carpenter.
  • It was produced by David Foster, Lawrence Turman, Wilbur Stark, and Stuart Cohen.
  • The screenplay was by Bill Lancaster.
  • It was based on Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell.
  • Stars Kurt Russel, Wilford Brimley, Keith David, T. K. Carter, and Donald Moffat.
  • The Music was by Ennio Morricone and John Carpenter. 

The Thing (2011) Facts:Edit

  • Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. dericted it.
  • Produced by Marc Abraham and Eric Newman.
  • (See where it was based on above, because it was basically the same movie.)
  • Stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Joel Edgerton, Ulrich Thomsen, Adewale Akinnouye Agbaje, and Eric Christian Olsen.
  • Music by Marco Beltrami.